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Robustel Router and Gateway Solutions at RFI


Robustel’s portfolio of routers and gateways focus on their commitment to quality and IoT connectivity. With a variety of connectivity, software, and VPN routing options they make it easy to select items that are scalable, robust, and secure for a plethora of IoT solutions.

With increased reliance on digitisation across industrial sectors, Robustel has grown their range to reflect this wider need for Industrial IoT. Their Industrial IoT range caters not only to traditional M2M solutions, but also includes functionality, such as digital IO and basic automation for simple industrial applications. Robustel’s Industrial routers have been expanded to also include 5G devices. The addition of high-speed low latency 5G devices help expand the industrial IOT and industry 4.0 application that can be achieved with Robustel's devices.

Their newer Lite Industrial range of routers reflects the need for simpler budget devices that don’t compromise on security or software, still supporting the full RobustOS. These routers are ideal for environmental monitoring, agriculture, and connectivity applications which are price sensitive but still require an industrially rated device. With applications such as Modbus still supported these are the ideal solution for PLC connectivity, sensor and datalogger connectivity.

Robustel’s newest addition of the EG series Industrial Edge Computing devices introduce a new generation of industrial 4.0 devices. With Debian 11 and the Docker Containerisation system these edge devices can run programs and algorithms for predictive maintenance and Industry 4.0 automation applications, elevating the functionality that can be achieved from the gateway device.

With over 40 years of antenna and connectivity experience, RFI’s range of antennas provide superior connectivity to enhance the experience with Robustel’s routers and gateways in any application. Offering a range of antennas from low profile for both telemetry and vehicle applications, to large panel antennas for fixed wireless access applications RFI’s antennas will be the perfect complement to your gateway deployment.

For more information follow the link below: https://products.rfi.com.au/robustel-router-solutions